Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clintonville, WI "Booms" Explained on Video

The "Booms" in Clintonville, Wisconsin have city officials and residents in the clouds. No one can explain what these booms are or where they are coming from. The truth is, this can be explained from what happened 79 miles away 18 months ago in Menominee, Michigan. I just hope there isn't a Huge Crack under Clintonville, WI getting ready to open up as it did in Menominee, MI.

Are the Clintonville, WI "Booms" Related to this event?

Many things are very similar to this, in Menominee, MI many thought the weight of the rain water had caused the ground to shift.. It seems as if the opposite of that is happening.. In Clintonville, WI the ground is RAPIDLY THAWING.. The frost line and frozen ground have been exposed to these extreme warm temps over the last week. Could this be the cause of the mystery booms? What do you think about these noises from the earth?

"The Ground Just Lifted Into The Air...."

A "Boom" Sound Shakes Houses and Cracks the Earth

Neighbors in the area reported hearing a large boom.. Same as Clintonville, WI Today?

Michigan Earthquake Opens the Ground Up..

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