Sunday, March 25, 2012

VIVOS Underground Emergency Bunker/Shelter built near Clintonville, Wisconsin?

There is a VIVOS Underground Shelter located near Clintonville, Wisconsin.. WHERE exactly it is located is still a mystery. See this map of locations across America- Now what is chance the construction of this complex might be causing noises and sounds.. See my blog where I am keeping track-

Developer Robert Vicino is building a network of "20 secret, deep underground community shelters" to protect you and your family in case of any one of these events. Spread across the country, they can accommodate 3,400 people. It all looks quite comfortable and elegant.

Vivos underground shelter complex for up to 4,000 people in 20 nationwide locations. One year of autonomous survival and life assurance in a hardened, fully stocked, blast proof shelter for the next Earth devastating catastrophe, terrorist strike, nuclear attack or social anarchy.

The government has their own complexes for themselves and the elite, but not for you and your family. Vivos is the only commercial solution for long-term survival. It is time to prepare.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Only 80 Miles Apart? - Clintonville, WI Earthquake Mystery Thickens

Strange things have been happening in Wisconsin this week. See My Blog- One of those things is this weird connection between 3 towns-

Menominee, MI is about 80 miles from Clintonville. This is the same distance from Montello, WI where "Booms' & "Shakes" have also happened this week. Police Departments in BOTH towns got phone calls about them as documented in news reports..

In 2010 Menominee, MI got a quake that Opened the Ground 500 foot long, 5 foot deep in places and 18-24 inches across.. As far as I have heard, no cracks have been found in WI yet..

Will the Earth Open Up Again in Clintonville, Wisconsin?

Eileen Heider heard the "BOOM" and then the ground "SHOOK" just like in Clintonville, WI. The next day they found where it came from, the earth had split open and the ground raised into the air by 5 feet. The ONLY difference between Clintonville & Menominee is the absence of a large crack, has it yet to be found? Are there things the USGS in not telling residents?

What could have cause this ground to push upward at this kind of force? Native American suggest this are sits on some old historic volcanoes, others say we are at the northern most tip of the New Madrid Fault but what ever is causing this is scaring the local residents. They are fearful that this could happen again, maybe under their house.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Video posted BEFORE the USGS "Changed" their minds - Clintonville, WI

The video above is the same video I posted to CNN iReport -
This was posted around 1pm CST to clarify an earlier video I posted to YouTube at 8:30am CST. This explains the connection between Clintonville, Wisconsin and Menominee, Michigan. Only 18 months separate the earthquakes that happened 79 miles away. In MI in October 2010 land owners reported a Boom, followed by a shaking. Many neighbors felt it. The following day a large crack was discovered in the woods near a house. They said it was a quake, but then said it wasn't..

A week after this happened, officials said it had to have been an earthquake, which got people to settle down and get back to their lives. Then a short time later they withdraw that assumption about the quake. By that time no one was really concerned anymore. It is strange that the USGS would tell Clintonville officials this couldn't have been a earthquake, but then days later say it is.. So many questions are in peoples mind now...

Clintonville, Wisconsin Booms Heard Around World?

There are many possibilities for where these "Booms" are coming from.. So many have different ideas and thoughts. Personally I believe the Ground is Thawing out from winter.. but with no answers as of yet, who can really say WHAT it is..  I found this video a little interesting, yet humorous at the end..

Uploaded by on Mar 22, 2012>
Mysterious Clintonville Booms - Where Else Are They Heard? - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.

Residents of Clintonville, Wisconsin are being woken up by strange underground booms and no one has been able to solve the mystery yet.

Some concerned residents have even left the town.

These have only been reported in Clintonville, not in nearby towns and they have only occurred at night. There is no mining in the area, no military exercises, and officials have checked the gas and water lines.

Such booms have been felt before in other parts of the world before.

Cape Fear, North Carolina was jolted by unexplained booms end of February, 2012.

For more than 200 years, people living around Lake Seneca have been hearing mysterious booms and there are all sorts of legends around them.

These have also been heard near sand dunes as witnessed by the Bedouins people in Egypt.

Another area that has witnessed this phenomenon is around North Sea, Japan.

In the past some of the booms have been attributed to earthquakes but authorities are still trying to figure out the cause behind the ones in Clintonville. Ofcourse, there are plenty of conspiracy theories - take your pick - UFO invasion, world ending in 2012 or a top secret military experiment.

Is a Vivos Underground Shelter located near Clintonville, Wisconsin?

Notice on the above map, the circle over central Wisconsin. This is one of the locations of a possible underground shelter that is being built by Vivos, a company from California. The video below is one of their current locations half way between Nevada and California.

Is it possible that Vivos is building an underground complex near the city of Clintonville, Wisconsin? Is this where the "Booms" are coming from? After seeing the map (above) and watching the video of an actual underground shelter, you really have to think about THIS possibility.. WHAT IF?

For more info about Vivos Underground Shelters, check out

Clintonville, WI "Booms" Explained on Video

The "Booms" in Clintonville, Wisconsin have city officials and residents in the clouds. No one can explain what these booms are or where they are coming from. The truth is, this can be explained from what happened 79 miles away 18 months ago in Menominee, Michigan. I just hope there isn't a Huge Crack under Clintonville, WI getting ready to open up as it did in Menominee, MI.

Are the Clintonville, WI "Booms" Related to this event?

Many things are very similar to this, in Menominee, MI many thought the weight of the rain water had caused the ground to shift.. It seems as if the opposite of that is happening.. In Clintonville, WI the ground is RAPIDLY THAWING.. The frost line and frozen ground have been exposed to these extreme warm temps over the last week. Could this be the cause of the mystery booms? What do you think about these noises from the earth?

"The Ground Just Lifted Into The Air...."

A "Boom" Sound Shakes Houses and Cracks the Earth

Neighbors in the area reported hearing a large boom.. Same as Clintonville, WI Today?

Michigan Earthquake Opens the Ground Up..