Friday, March 23, 2012

Will the Earth Open Up Again in Clintonville, Wisconsin?

Eileen Heider heard the "BOOM" and then the ground "SHOOK" just like in Clintonville, WI. The next day they found where it came from, the earth had split open and the ground raised into the air by 5 feet. The ONLY difference between Clintonville & Menominee is the absence of a large crack, has it yet to be found? Are there things the USGS in not telling residents?

What could have cause this ground to push upward at this kind of force? Native American suggest this are sits on some old historic volcanoes, others say we are at the northern most tip of the New Madrid Fault but what ever is causing this is scaring the local residents. They are fearful that this could happen again, maybe under their house.

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  1. Go to my comment on your youtube post re: your map, my link to Benjamin Fulford talking about 2007 Niigata, Japan earthquake (nuclear power plant implications) and HAARP, and the nuclear plant in Two Rivers, WI (just north of Manitowoc). Please familiarize yourself with HAARP via youtube and the net, and check out my post. Frightening. Really hope I'm wrong. LInk to your vid where I commented: