Thursday, March 22, 2012

Video posted BEFORE the USGS "Changed" their minds - Clintonville, WI

The video above is the same video I posted to CNN iReport -
This was posted around 1pm CST to clarify an earlier video I posted to YouTube at 8:30am CST. This explains the connection between Clintonville, Wisconsin and Menominee, Michigan. Only 18 months separate the earthquakes that happened 79 miles away. In MI in October 2010 land owners reported a Boom, followed by a shaking. Many neighbors felt it. The following day a large crack was discovered in the woods near a house. They said it was a quake, but then said it wasn't..

A week after this happened, officials said it had to have been an earthquake, which got people to settle down and get back to their lives. Then a short time later they withdraw that assumption about the quake. By that time no one was really concerned anymore. It is strange that the USGS would tell Clintonville officials this couldn't have been a earthquake, but then days later say it is.. So many questions are in peoples mind now...

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