Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CNN Blog talks about Michigan & Oklahoma Quakes

When I first learned of the Crack in Upper Michigan, I was floored because I didn't have the gas to go see it. The biggest drag was the fact that I am a CNN I-Reporter and this was the biggest geological event in MI that I knew of. I finally made it there on Friday, 4 days after the quake took place. I knew that if I got the best footage possible, there would be a really good chance of getting my video on the air with CNN.

When I got home, edited the videos the way I wanted them, I loaded them onto CNN. I thought they would instantly get the mark to be aired on TV. I was mistaken, CNN needed to verify that this was indeed an earthquake before they would air the videos. So in the mean time, I made this blog page and also put these videos onto Youtube. 4 days after putting them onto CNN I received word that this was confirmed to have been a quake. I quickly added this Blog Address onto my CNN I-Reports, if these were going to catch air time, I wanted to make sure my link to the blog was included.

CNN aired these videos for over a day, giving this blog 10,000 hits. That was a week ago, as of today CNN has come out with their own blog which in reality is advertising this blog all over again. Read the CNN BLOG- http://ireport.cnn.com/blogs/ireport-blog/2010/10/19/there-was-an-earthquake-where

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