Friday, October 8, 2010

The Upper Michigan Earthquake???

After seeing the news reports about the huge hole that opened up, I decided to take the drive to see. When I got there I met with Eileen Heider, she owns all of the property where this happen. It was amazing to see the gaping crack and the earth rising into the air. People were saying it was a sink hole but have you ever heard of a sink hole rising into the air? An older Indian told me that history has shown us ridges and hills, even mountains forming where before it was flat land. That this was a result of something happening else where, but the force was pulled to this spot. No one really knows what happened, but many are hoping for answers...
Some places it was 2 ft across and 5 ft deep..

What this short video as I spoke with Eileen as we toured where the event took place...

Be on the watch for more.. But comment below of what YOU think happened & Share this too..

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