Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Are the Clintonville, WI "Booms" Related to this event?

The events that are happening in Clintonville, WI sound almost exactly like what happened on October 4th, 2010 about 79 miles away in Michigan. Eileen Heider heard a loud "boom" followed by her house shaking. She spent to day trying to figure out what happened. It took until the next day when her husband went to get some firewood, he discovered this HUGE crack in the ground. Also the ground had risen 5 feet high, parting the trees to the side. From the road looking towards the woods, the trees appeared to be slanted away from the crack in the ground. Imagine the trees looking like this- V This happened not very far away from where this is happening now. Looking at a map, Clintonville isn't really that far from Menominee, Michigan where the crack appeared.

The details of what is happening in Clintonville, Wisconsin instantly made me think about this video. I guess people should start looking for cracks in the ground and hope this isn't building up into something major.

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